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百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 App is one of the best mobile App within Education type which is published on 2012-09-25 07:49:59.

In case you want to Install 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备, You able to Download from official Mobile App stores.Until today This mobile App Got 4.85466 Star From 3736 Players.

百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 App Review

Section Information
Name of the App 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备
App Rating 4.85466 Star From 3736 users
Total App store rating 3736 reviews
Supported plateform iOS/Android Smartphone,Tablets
Current version 7.1.9 on App store
App Category Education
Date of publication 2012-09-25 07:49:59
Is it Free to download?  Yes
App size (in KB) 106,913.00
App Developer Chaoyouai Tech. Co., Ltd.


This App is Free to use so iOS & Android user can Install This App without Paying online.


【详解单词 单词记正确】
· 独创图背单词学习法,考试级读音原声录制
· 全面解析单词,词根词缀/形近词/时态变化全部搞定
· 十万例句还原使用场景,更有视频辅助理解

【海量词书 单词记得全】
· 200+词库覆盖全年龄段英语水平和学习需求
· 权威考纲和词库支持 学习更放心
· 小学/初中/四级/六级/考研/托福/雅思/BEC/SAT/GRE/GMAT

【复习神器 单词记牢固】
· 英文选义/中文选词,互译记忆效果更佳
· 全拼/组合/填空拼写,每个字母巩固到位
· 读词填空/单词速听,词汇口语听力同步提高

【定制学习 单词科学背】
· 个性化定制专属学习计划,学更适合自己的
· 记录点滴词汇学习,学习成果看得见
· 双重学习提醒,形成习惯不怕忘

【趣味功能 单词坚持背】
· 加入班级集体,完成学习有奖励
· 单词pk游戏,竞争学习有动力
· 每日打卡分享,让世界知道你在进步

It is available in on almost any Mobile OS. It means you can Download 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 on Android emulator, Ipads, Android tablets,iPhones, Ipads & Android phones too.

百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 Apk Download is totally free to Install on your Android/iOS mobile.

Download 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 Apk

  1. To install this mobile App, You need to Visit to Google use Store or Third party Apk downloading sites.
  2. Once we are on the App download page then user solely need to click on Download now Button.
  3. Once Downloading is start then You need to install it manually if Downloading 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 Apk from  Third party apk site.
  4.  In the end 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 is ready to be use.

Download 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 iOS App

  1. To Download this mobile App, You required to Visit to App store or Third party iOS app sites.
  2. Now user are on the App installation page then user simply have to click on Download Button.
  3.  In the end 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 is ready to be use.

Download 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 App for PC

In case you have to Download 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 App for Desktop then all you need to do is Follow the mentioned procedure below.

  1. in the starting, Download the Bluestacks Software install and Open this .
  2. Now that the First step is done then in this step You need to Open the Bluestacks and select 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备.
  3. Now that You select itthen go to Google play store ⇒ Search for 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 ⇒ Click on the install button⇒ Wait till installation is done .
  4. Now Open 百词斩-背单词、学英语必备 App.
  5. In the end You can open the app by Bluestacks App will and Voila.

So that’s the Full details about  百词斩-背单词、学英语必备. If you want to ask something or simply want to share your Review about this; then you can put in the comment section.

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