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LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach App is one of the best mobile App within Health & Fitness genre which is created on 2010-11-08 22:26:25.

In case you want to Install LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach, You able to Install from official Mobile App stores.According to the information on App download page This App Receives 4.5 Star From 4872 users.

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach App Review

Section Information
Name of the App LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach
App Rating 4.5 Star From 4872 users
Total App store rating 4872 reviews
Supported plateform iOS/Android Smartphone,Tablets
Current version 3.1 on App store
App Category Health & Fitness
Date of publication 2010-11-08 22:26:25
Is it Free to download?  Yes
App size (in KB) 48,383.00


This App is Free for users so you can Download It without Paying any money.

The right support is essential to quit smoking. That’s why the LIVESTRONG.COM team built the physician-approved MyQuit Coach app. Get your own personalized plan to help you finally stop smoking, once and for all.

You can choose to quit smoking cold turkey or gradually decrease your daily nicotine intake at a pace that works for you. Keeping track of the cigarettes you smoke and your cravings gives you quantifiable proof that it IS getting easier, motivating you to keep going. Need some additional motivation and support? Collect goal-based achievements to remind you of your progress, or reach out to our robust community, filled with people who know firsthand how difficult it is to quit.

“What I find most helpful is the community. I love it! Having a good day or bad you always get words of encouragement.” — Whitwhit33

“With my decision to quit and the help of this easy to use system with achievement based goals to get you a little hyped about getting healthier.” — Princesskitten420

“I don’t think I could have made it this far without this app and the people. Every morning before I get out of bed and every evening before falling asleep, I read through the messages of other people’s success stories, their struggles, what motivates and inspires them to quit, and I realize I am not in this fight along. I have other people I can count on for help. This app has helped me and anyone who is wanting to quit should be a part of this community. It will help you succeed too.” — Jovita74

“Most helpful (to my surprise) was the ability to track cravings and watch them taper off as the weeks went by (i.e. see quantifiable proof that it actually IS getting easier). Also was nice to have something that I could DO when I was having a craving, rather than just grit my teeth and bear it.” — Polly Glossia


Completely New Design
The new design gives our users a streamlined and helpful experience as they embark on their journey to quit smoking.

Improved Community Experience
Support is at your fingertips from people who know firsthand how difficult it is to quit. Other members are a lifeline when you’re having a craving or a bad day, and vice versa, it can be empowering to encourage others when they need the help.

New Progress Rings With Longest Streaks
The new home page contains progress rings to easily keep track of your cigarette budget at a glance. You can also quickly see your longest smoke-free streaks to help keep you motivated!

Progress Section
It’s easy to keep track of how your cigarettes and cravings decrease over time, and you see quantifiable proof that your efforts ARE working.

Collect achievements as you make progress through your plan.

Personalized Motivation
Create a personal motivation to keep you going and remind yourself to keep pushing even on those hardest days.

It is available in on both major Android and iOS Operating system. It means you can Download LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach on iPhones, Ipads, Android tablets, Android phones, Android emulator too.

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach Apk Download is absolutely free to Install on your Android/iOS device.

Download LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach Apk

  1. To Download this mobile App, You need to Went to Google use Store or Third party Apk downloading sites.
  2. Once You are on the App download page then user utterly need to click on Install now Button.
  3. Once  Downloading process is start then You have to install it manually if Downloading LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach Apk from  Third party Apk downloading sites.
  4.  In the end LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach is ready to be use.

Download LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach iOS App

  1. To install, You  Visit to Your phone’s App store or Other App Download website.
  2. After user are on the App installation page then You simply need to click on Install Button.
  3.  In the end LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach is ready to be use.

Download LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach App for Desktop

If you you need to Download LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach App for PC then all you need to do is follow the steps below.

  1. You have to, Download the Bluestacks for Winodows install & open it .
  2. After that the First step is done then in here user should Open the Bluestacks and tap LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach.
  3. Now that You choose itthen go to SignUp with Gmail accound and open play store just by taping on Play store icon, then Find LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach in Play store .
  4. Now Open LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach apk.
  5. In this step You can open the app by Bluestacks App will and Voila.

So that’s the Complete information about  LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach. If you want to ask something or simply want to give your Opinions about this; then you can mention in the comment section.

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